Remembering Mark Rodenbiker – Donate Here

Get Involved

Learn how you can help and support others in the Fargo-Moorhead community through plants and more.

Ways To Help


Each patient is given a hand-written note of compassion with their plant.

Plant Clippings

We put out calls for plant clipping donations from time to time. Follow us on socials to keep up with current needs.


All donations, unless specified, will go into a general fund that is used for current needs.

Become a Sponsor

All sponsorships go toward the gift offered to the patients, deferring the cost of materials.


We hold several events each year that require volunteers. Keep an eye on our social media for opportunities.

Clay Classes

Attend a clay class to learn how to make pots that will be gifted to patients. Of course, you get to keep your favorite!

Follow Along

Keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to know about events, fundraisers, plants sales, and more.