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“I hope this plant brightens today and in the future reminds you of your inner strength as you watch it grow!”

What We're About

We believe that our communities are happiest and healthiest when our neighbors feel loved and supported through connection, community, and compassion.

Our mission is to challenge the harmful stigma around abortion and the polarization of our related cultural conversation by creating pro-compassion spaces of shared value for all our neighbors to flourish.

We believe that offerings of art, compassion, and ecotherapy can counteract the cultural stigma around abortion.

Notes of Compassion

We collaborate with organizations, individuals, and artists to create, assemble, and offer handcrafted planters, plants, and a handwritten note of support to people who have had abortions to promote healing and neighborliness.

Show Your Support

There are many ways to help out. From following us on social media to donating or becoming a sponsor, head to our involvement page to learn more.