1. "You are a good person — you make wise decisions coming from love.

  2. Mission

    We believe that our communities are happiest and healthiest when our neighbors feel loved and supported through connection, community, and compassion.

    Our mission is to challenge the harmful stigma around abortion and the polarization of our related cultural conversation by creating pro-compassion spaces of shared value for all our neighbors to flourish.

    We believe that offerings of art, compassion, and ecotherapy can counteract the cultural stigma around abortion.

    We collaborate with organizations, individuals, and artists to create, assemble, and offer handcrafted planters, plants, and a handwritten note of support to people who have had abortions to promote healing and neighborliness.


    Pro-Compassion & Compassionate Communication

    Bridging connection through a commitment to practicing compassionate communication, we recognize our interconnectedness and affirm the goodness and value of all people.

    Collaboration, Creativity & Sustainability

    We partner with individuals and organizations to honor the unique talents each of us contribute as we grow together in service, learning, and play.

    Accessibility & Inclusivity

    We are committed to creating physically accessible, mentally nurturing, emotionally safe, and socially engaging, affirming spaces for all collaborators and their expressions of self.

    Integrity & Commitment to Service

    We strive to demonstrate our commitment to social justice and service through ethical community-building practices of honesty, transparency, mutuality, cultural competency, reflection and assessment as we strive to meet the unique needs of those we serve.

    Plants for Patients is [a community benefit organization]

    Since its humble beginnings in March 2012 as an undergraduate ceramics thesis project at North Dakota State University, the organization has grown to serve thousands of women and their families through the gift of plants and notes of support. Our community work has been highlighted in the Fargo Forum, Studio Potter magazine, the High Plains Reader, RH Reality Check, American Craft Council blog, the Abortion Care Network, the Abortion Conversation Project, and the NCECA Journals Vol.33 & 34. Plants for Patients is a registered 501(c)(3) federal tax-exempt non-profit charitable organization.

  3. This is a process

    Every pot is handmade.

    Every patient is offered a plant with a handwritten note.